The 341 Hearing, also called a Meeting of Creditors, is a tape recorded meeting between the debtor, the Trustee, the debtor’s attorney, and creditors at which the debtor is questioned under oath about assets, liabilities, income, expenses, and the proposed repayment plan.  Debtors are required by law to attend.
You must bring:
-A driver’s license or a picture I.D. for identification purposes
-Verification of your Social Security number (i.e. SS/medical card, W-2, or wage stub)
-Original titles to any vehicles owned by you
-Recorded Mortgage(s)
-State Equalized Value (SEV) found on a current real estate tax bill
-Most recent payment advice (pay stub) as proof of current income
-The name and address of anyone to whom you pay child support or alimony

Section 341 testimony (including adjourned cases) will begin promptly at 1:00pm.

The Chapter 13 Trustee has assigned times for 341 hearings in an on-going effort to make the 341 hearings more efficient for everyone. See below for the next scheduled 341 hearing times. The document is organized by hearing officers.

December 19th, 2017 Hearings (pdf)